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OF SEA AND SEED The Kerrigan Chronicles, Book I

A timeless story of yearning and loss.” Paul Butler, author of  “The Good Doctor”       

OF SEA AND SEED  launches The Kerrigan Chronicles, the story of three generations battered by love, betrayal, war, and the effects of a tsunami that ravages the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland in 1929. Family matriarch, story teller, and ghost—Kathleen Kerrigan—confesses that heaven does not open its gates to women of her ilk.

In her afterlife she is adrift, doomed like some ancient mariner to atone for mortal sin by telling repeatedly the story of her downfall. With the lyrical voice of Kathleen at the helm and through the voices of her children—the duty-bound Kevin and the strong-willed Clara—mysteries fall away until the core of Kathleen’s crime is revealed.

Set against the backdrop of the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean, The Kerrigan Chronicles is an unforgettable family saga with a riveting undercurrent of suspense, one that will seize the imagination of readers everywhere.




The Many-Colored Invisible Hats of Brenda-Louise

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An enchanting rhyme about an imaginative little girl who conjures up a colorful hat for every occasion.
At the end of the book is a surprise page…


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 Busy Bee page Busy Bee verse