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Welcome to my website. My name is Annie Daylon. I’m an award-winning author of short stories and novels. I am thrilled to announce that my latest novel, CASTLES IN THE SAND, is now available at Amazon in ebook and paperback.




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Double Book Launch was a stunning success. Thank you to all who turned out to support our writing efforts!

As for launching with a partner? I highly recommend it. For adetailed report on the benefits of same, read Michael Hiebert’s blog post:

Double Book Launches: Half the Work, Half the Cost, Twice the Fun.



My short story anthology, Passages has seven award-winning tales included in its pages. Both Maggie of the Marshes CoverPassages Book CoverPassages and my novel, Maggie of the Marshes, are available in ebook at Amazon.

I am a diligent writer, an avid reader, and a lifetime lover of books. When I’m not at home hammering out my newest story, you might find me browsing through the half-million titles at one of my favourite Chilliwack haunts: The Book Man.

I was born just metres away from the Atlantic Ocean in Placentia, Newfoundland, and am incurably drawn to the sea and all its music. I currently reside in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada, with my husband, David, and my dog, CoCo.
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