The Business of Writing: Posters & Quotes

Post V: Posters and Quotes


POSTERS:  Making an event poster and need some ideas about content? This Reality Byte will help…

My husband, David, has taught marketing. He and I were discussing content for an Annie Daylon/Michael Hiebert Double Book Launch poster.  David listened while I meandered through my ideas. Then he said,  “Need. Product. Source. Time. Price.” He added the following explanation: “It’s Marketing 101. Check every TV commercial. That’s what they do. That’s what you want on your poster.”

In a nutshell…
NEED:         What does the public want?
PRODUCT:  What is the solution?
SOURCE:    You. Your Product.
TIME:           When and where?
PRICE:        Cost + any extras (e.g. refreshments provided)

After that, I met with my launch partner, Michael Hiebert, and we combined David’s marketing savvy,  Michael’s tech wizardry, and my decorating flair to come up with a poster for our Double Book Launch.
Next? We had to locate a printer. We wanted to do this on a budget.

QUOTES:  Marketing 101 again. Always get three quotes. Michael and I did and were amazed at the differences in pricing. Our choice: Sunrise Printing Inc in Chilliwack, BC. Michael uploaded the design for the poster (we had bookmarks made, too.) Sunrise Printing not only offered rock bottom prices but also produced a superb product. The turnover time? A mere two days. Since Sunrise is a local company, there were no shipping costs. Bonus!

There, you have it. Posters and Quotes.

We are thrilled with our poster! What do you think about it?

Book Launch Poster-final-1000px tall (2)













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