The Business of Writing: Selling and Serving

Reality Byte VIII: Selling and Serving

shutterstock_104551601In The Business of Writing, as in any business today, success is not about selling; it’s about serving. Authors have to understand and serve the needs of other authors and potential readers.

How do you, as a writer of fiction, do that? By offering value.

One way to provide value for other authors is to be a curator of information. Writers are always looking for tips on grammar, structure, editing, publishing, promoting, and they need the occasional word of encouragement. The data is out there in abundance, waiting to be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+; the vehicle is yours to choose. You seek, select, post, comment, retweet, and encourage. Another way to provide value for other authors is to blog about your own experiences in writing. Eventually, if you so choose, you can compile your accumulated knowledge into tips books or writing guides.

Providing value for potential readers can be accomplished by offering up reviews of books or by sharing your favorite titles. You can also use your blog to write about your experiences, pastimes, and inspirations. These blog anecdotes can lead the way to your primary source of value for readers: the gift of your own writing, be it short story or novel. For your fiction is just that, a gift to be treasured, enjoyed, and shared. You are providing a service, not just hunting a sale.

There is a reason why, in all business today, the term ‘salesperson’ is being replaced with the term ‘service representative.’ Don’t try to sell. Strive to serve. And trust your karma.

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