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Looking for Writing Tips? My favorite source is Twitter! Here are my Top Ten Twitter picks for July:

1. 11 Articles that Will Inspire You to Finish Your Next Book  @BookBaby @chrisrobley

2. How to Take Others’ Ideas and Make Them Your Own by Martha Buckly  @BookBaby

3. “Neil Gaiman on How Writers Learn and Why First Drafts Don’t Matter” RT @WriterUnboxed via @MattGartland

4. How to Get a Grip on Plots and Sub-Plots When Writing | @WritetoDone @EricStoffle

5. Imagination and Knowledge: The Basis of the Historical Novel by Constance Hussey  @PassiveVoiceBlog

6. 7 Reasons Agents Stop Reading Your First Chapter  RT @ChuckSambuchino

7. Crafting Flesh-and-Blood Characters — It’s as crucial as knowing your ABCs: MT @WriteToSell

8. The Fair Use Doctrine: Guidelines from a Copyright Lawyer by Brad Fraser @JaneFriedman

9. Sybil Nelson on How to Make it Onto Library Shelves | Helium Blog RT @ohfroetry

10. When It Feels Like You’re Never Doing Enough by @NathanBransford

Thanks to Tweeters and Bloggers alike!

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