The Business of Writing: Promotion and Publicity

Reality Byte IX: Promotion and Publicity

by @AnnieDaylon


What is the difference between promotion and publicity?

Promotion is whatever you do to tell the world that you and your product are here. Publicity happens when the world takes notice of you and passes the word along.


You promote when you:

• set up a book launch party;

• offer free books;

• teach a workshop;

• give books as gifts;

• donate proceeds to charity;

• offer time limit incentives;

• submit a media release;

• make announcements on social media.


Others publicize when they:

• spread the word about your launch;

• request an interview;

• tell a friend about your book;

• publish your media release;

• write reviews of your book;

• share your announcements on Twitter, Facebook.


Promotion can cost you, both in time and money, but publicity is generally accomplished without your having to pay.

Promotion is the creator of publicity.

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