My Write Before Christmas

by @AnnieDaylon

Sardis, Retreat, Christmas 034

It’s my Write before Christmas, and I’ll keep it terse;

just sending good wishes in this simple verse.

In addition, I’m listing a few treasures here:

some blogs about writing I’ve enjoyed this year.


Up high on the list for 2013

is the popular blog by the great Molly Greene.

Peruse all her posts; when you’re done with it then

go visit Joanna, The Creative Penn.


Musician & poet Chris Robley  writes posts

for Book Baby Blog. Are they helpful? The most!

Alexis Grant’s Write Life is the perfect one,

 and there are great posts on the blog Write To Done.


There’s a ton of advice at Elizabeth S. Craig;

  Author Media‘s the place if tech is a plague.

And if you’re afflicted with grammar trouble,

Grammar Girl delivers help on the double.


Bestseller Labs has ideas for selling;

Writer’s Digest has courses and info compelling.

Then there’s me; I share info as I go along.

Subscribe! You’re right here!


That’s it! The year’s end! Best wishes to you

as 2014 comes into view.

For now, ‘ere December rolls out of sight…

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a great write! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My Write Before Christmas
  1. You never cease to amaze me, Annie Daylon! Great blog! What a unique, fun way to get reams of helpful information to many avid writers and readers in the form of a poem. It works for me. Merry Christmas Annie! I wish you another incredible year of writing. Happy 2014

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