Pick of the Twitter: April, 2014

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Looking for writing/marketing tips? Here are my Top Ten oops! Twenty** Twitter picks for April, 2014:

**I usually pull 16 or 17 tweets at month end and pare down to 10. This time around, I dug up 32. So many great posts! Thus, the 20! Enjoy! 🙂

  1.  5 Marketing Strategies for Writers Who Hate Promoting Their Own Work by @HughOSmith @thewritelife

  2. So You Want To Make A Living Writing? 13 Harsh Truths.  by @Bob_Mayer

  3. How to Cheat to Find More Work Time   by @Jody Hedlund

  4. Why Author Email Addresses Make a Difference by Caitlin Muir @AuthorMedia

  5. What “Learning to Say No” Really Means by @alexisgrant

  6. The Writer’s High by Harrison Demchick  @BookBaby

  7. Productivity For Authors. Fighting Overwhelm And How I Am Refocusing My Workload by Joanna Penn @thecreativepenn

  8. How to Use Research to Take Content From Flimsy to Fabulous by Emily Gaines Buchler @socialmedia2day

  9.  Want to be a better writer? Read more! @HuffPostBooks

  10. I love my job, oh yes I do   @Janet_Reid (I love this agent’s blog!)

  11. Revising with the Present Perfect by Maeve Maddox  (Excellent revision tip!)

  12.  5 Tips to Speed Up Your Writing and Skyrocket Your Quality by Danny Iny @WriteToDone via @EricStoffle

  13. The Art of Creating Memorable Villains Whatever Your Genre by Lisa Alber @WriterUnboxed

  14. The Story Grid: A Writer’s Tool   by @Bob_Mayer

  15.  The 10 best books about self publishing – a reading list by Robert Wood @standoutbooks via @elizabethscraig

  16. The Complete Guide to Query Letters That Get Manuscript Requests  by @JaneFriedman

  17.  Must Have Conflict! How to Introduce Conflict into your Fiction by @CSLakin

  18. The Perfect Storm that All Writers Need to Avoid by James Chartrand  

  19.  Five Tips for Cutting through Twitter Noise: by @PGillin  @skyword via @BrianHonigman

  20.  5 Beautifully Written Books To Inspire Your Writing by Diane O’Connell @WriteToSell

Many thanks to Tweeters and Bloggers alike!

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4 thoughts on “Pick of the Twitter: April, 2014
  1. Thanks for sharing our post on marketing strategies, Annie! Happy to be included in this awesome list of resources.

    Just a small note: The Write Life’s Twitter handle is actually @thewritelife.

    TWL Assistant Editor

    • You are most welcome, Heather. As for glitch…my apologies. Has been corrected. I look forward to reading and sharing more great posts from The Write Life!
      My best to you,

  2. What a great list of writing/marketing blog posts. Thank you for putting this together, Annie! (I’ve subscribed so I can get your next list – smile)

    • You are most welcome, Diane. Glad you enjoyed the list.
      I visited your site and am so impressed with your drawings. Stunning work!
      Welcome to my blog! 🙂
      My best to you,

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