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by  @AnnieDaylon



Dear Blogger,

Do you put your Twitter handle in the byline of your blog posts?

Some do. Many do not.

Why use a Twitter handle? So people can easily @mention you when tweeting a link to your post. An @mention will show up in your Twitter feed, allowing you to:

  • know who’s sharing your information;

  • thank them;

  • retweet the tweet; and

  • gain followers.


A readily-displayed @handle will  also ease the job of the person (like me) who wishes to tweet your link. I always try to credit the author, to @mention the author and, if the Twitter handle is missing,  I go on a hunting expedition.  However, I often scan fifty posts a day and  don’t always have time to track down those adorable blue Twitter birds!

shutterstock_120418447 three


If your Twitter Handle is different from your byline, use both: by Your Name @YourTwitterhandle. (On my posts, since my name is in my Twitter handle, I usually just use @AnnieDaylon as my byline.)

Looking forward to getting a handle on all those great posts!

Thank you!

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My best to you,

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@AnnieDaylon  🙂

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