Pick of the Twitter: August, 2014

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Looking for writing/marketing tips? Here are my Top Twitter picks for August, 2014:

  1. The Right Sort (A Short Story on Twitter) by David Mitchell @Sceptre Books

  2.  Nietzsche’s 10 Rules for Writers by Maria Popova  via @brainpickings @WriterlyTweets

  3. How to Get Your Short Stories Published in Lit Mags by Suzannah Windsor Freeman via @WriterUnboxed

  4.   7 Writing/Publishing Resources and How to Use Them @111publishing

  5. Blogging Tips for Authors: How to Generate New Blog Ideas  @chrisrobley @BookBaby

  6. Show, Don’t Tell, How Time Is Passing  @CSLakin (Great post!)

  7.  The Best Literary Hashtags on Twitter by Michele Filgate  via @Salon @HughOSmith  (Love this!)

  8. How I Write 8 Blog Posts a Week While Running 2 Companies by Neil Patel @neilpatel via @BrianHonigman

  9. Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing: Annotated by Ron Yates @Jhawker69

  10. Query Question: Getting Requests for Full MS but No Rep  by @Janet_Reid (As always, superb response. Love this blog.)

  11. My Latest Thoughts on Marketing for Writers   @JaneFriedman

  12. 10 Ways to Grow From “Someone Who Writes” Into a Writer by Diane O’Connell @WriteToSell

  13. 10 Ways to Tighten Your Pitch – How’s yours?  by Shari Stauch @WhereWritersWin

  14.  TWITTER TIPS for AUTHORS  @IndieAuthorNews


Many thanks to Tweeters and Bloggers alike!


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2 thoughts on “Pick of the Twitter: August, 2014
    • Hi, Ron,
      Glad you like the selection of posts.
      Re: The inclusion of yours… You’re most welcome! I quite enjoy your posts. Am about to read your latest one about the prediction of the future in historical novels. Intriguing!

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