Pick of the Twitter: September, 2014

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Looking for writing/marketing tips? Here are my Top Twitter picks for September, 2014:

    1.  27 Places to Get a Book Tour (and the Top Ten) via @WriterUnboxed @selfpubreview

    2.  How Stephen King Teaches Writing  via @theAtlantic @WriterlyTweets

    3.  How to Really Stop Checking Your Email Constantly  via @dailymuse @HughOSmith

    4.  How to Write a Gut-Wrenching Tragic Scene-Thanks to One Surprising Detail!  via @KMWeiland @WriterlyTweets

    5.  Submission Tip Checklist   @ChuckSambuchino via @WritetoSell

    6. Writers: How To Let Go Of The Pressure To Be Perfect  via @writersrelief @elizabethcraig

    7.  The Evolving Role of the Literary Agent by @JaneFriedman via @WritersDigest

    8.  Will Bookstores Sell Your Indie Books? A Case Study @WhereWritersWin

    9. 7 Ancient Archetypes Your Brand Storytelling Should Use  via @BrianHonigman

    10. Attending Conventions and Conferences as an Independent Author @Goblinwriter via @EricStoffle

    11. How to Avoid the Extra Work of Social Media @JaneFriedman

    12. 7 Point-of-View Basics Every Writer Should Know  @JodyHedlund


Many thanks to Tweeters and Bloggers alike!

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