The Business of Writing: Business & Busyness

Post III: Business and Busyness

shutterstock_104551601During my teaching career I was exceptionally busy juggling classes, interviews, reports. Always, beneath this hum of activity, was the comforting knowledge that reprieve, in the form of a well-earned vacation, was in the offing.

During my writing career, I am equally busy, carving my time into segments of production, marketing, and administration. Beneath this steady drone lurks the knowledge that there is no pre-programmed breathing space. Currently, I am ‘working’ on creating balance.

Since my last post, I have also worked on…

Writing: I entered a twenty-four hour short story contest.
A Tip: Story contests help to hone craft and spark creativity.

Starting a Business: I acquired a sole proprietorship: McRAC BOOKS.
A Tip: A sole proprietorship is a quick, easy, cost-effective way to set up a business.

Reviewing Copy Edits: I worked through my MS, Castles in the Sand, twice.
A Tip: Hire a copy editor. Through mine, I discovered, among other things, that my main  character tends to veer and hover… a lot. (Who knew?) A great copy editor points out the things you miss. My superb copy editor? Author Michael Hiebert.

More Writing: I wrote the flap copy and acknowledgements for the aforementioned MS.
A Tip: Start compiling your Acknowledgement List when you begin your novel. A great time saver!

Marketing: I worked on a Pinterest board for my novel. (Love Pinterest!) Haven’t posted any images yet because, once they are posted, the order can’t be changed (the last picture you post is the first one you see.)
A Tip: Find the images you want, making a note of their location. List them in the order you want them to appear. When you pin these images to your board, start at the bottom of your list and work your way up.

Tweeting: I use Twitter daily. I subscribe to my favorite blogs and tweet helpful information.
A Tip: To save time, schedule your tweets. (I use TweetDeck.) Allow time for personal interaction. No time for reviews or comments? At very least, Retweet!

More Marketing: I began searching for ideas for launch venues and working on a media release for my novel.
A Tip: File ideas as you come across them. Later, you can synthesize them into an individualized plan.

Fielding Inqueries: I received an inquiry about advertising on my site and another about fees for my workshop (Honing the Craft of Writing through Story Contests.) I was uncertain about both.
A Tip: If you have questions, put them out there. I asked my business-savvy brother, Richard Lannon, about web ads. I made two inquiries about workshop fees, one to a former, knowledgeable employer, the other to the Federation of BC Writers. In all cases, I received the exact information I needed.

Yes, my writing life is a hive of activity.shutterstock_73437919 As I said, I am working on achieving balance. How do you keep your brain from buzzing? Please share…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to veer away from this post and hover over my manuscript. 😉

My best to you,

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