Troubles with Tech? 3 Places to Get Help

by @AnnieDaylon

shutterstock_127171886 I knew nothing about tech three years ago. (See former Technology Woes post.) I have learned a lot, but every now and then, tech woes build and I still long to put my computer out of its misery. Something I’ve noticed while attending online conferences is that I’m not alone: tech issues are common. Something I’ve learned from webinar presenters is that you (calmly) work through the problem.

Sometimes, however, you can’t fix the problems yourself. What follows is a list of three sites where you can get help. I have used only the first of the three but have heard good things about the others.

1) Odesk : “What Kind of Work Can I Get Done?”
“Anything you can do on a computer—from graphic design to software development—can be done on oDesk. Our freelancers can tackle a wide range of projects: Big or small, Short or ongoing,
Individual or team-based.”

I have used Odesk twice, both times successfully. Once you post your job, you will receive applicants and you communicate with them before hiring.  Fees of freelancers range from $4/hr to $50/hr. Note: Posting a Job is FREE.

2) Elance  “Hire a talented Freelancer” 
“We’ll help you find and hire the perfect Freelancer, making it easy to grow your business even faster.”

I signed up for Elance for the work I am having done currently, but found a suitable candidate on Odesk first. With Elance, as with Odesk, posting a job is FREE.

3) Fiverr    “What do you need done? Find it on Fiverr”

I am actually waiting for something to crop up to use this one. Apparently, the motto is “anything for five bucks.” Yes, they have a “programming and tech” section. I know  someone who had his email signature designed there (Yes, $5.) I also know someone who hired a violinist to accompany a vocal/ piano arrangement. (Can’t beat $5 for that!)


Caveat Emptor: Exercise caution in hiring for tech as in all things. The first time I hired from Odesk, I hit it out of the park. This time, I communicated with three freelancers before I found the right fit. (Thank you to Edward Unger for all his hard work!)

If you have any suggestions for tech help, please share in comments below. Many thanks!

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