Technology Woes (aka ‘Oh Me nerves, You Got Me Drove’)

by @AnnieDaylon


Have technology problems ever frayed your nerves? Welcome to my world!

Last week I was struggling to get images on my blog. No luck. I managed to publish a post and then I took the CPU to Express Computers for full diagnostic and general clean up. Of course, the computer worked perfectly at the shop. So, I took my baby home where, sadly, nothing worked.

I consulted with the my website host, with Word Press, with a highly knowledgeable tech friend. But, in this day and age of Febreeze anti-clogging technology and Mazda sky-active technology and Energizer power-seal technology and Nikon android technology and Nivea Dry-Q technology and Frog Tape Paint-Block Technology and Ford Eco-boost technology, there seemed to be no answer to my technology woes. I was ready to throw in the towel, make that a whole roll of towels, specifically, Bounty (with trap-and-lock technology.)

Desperate, I took the CPU back to Express Computers. As soon as they connected it to their monitor, the images appeared. Magic! I mentioned how impressed I was with the speed of their system in comparison to the slow rate of mine. Instantly, they asked who my service provider was and if I had taken advantage of upgrades. (Oops! Had the system for six years; no upgrades.) Apparently, if your system is running too slowly, the internet tries for a while to complete your command, gives up, times out, and moves on to something else. Express Computers suggested that I go to my provider and ask for a new router. I did. No extra cost. Problem solved.

So, what’s your take-away from my experience?

Well, is your computer slowing down? Are your images disappearing? Before you spend a half-hour waiting to connect with your host and another half-hour in an online chat, before you troll for hours through Word Press support forums, before you use up a wonderful friend’s valuable time, before you start deactivating and reactivating plugins, before you do any of this… check for upgrades. The problem can be as simple as a new router or a new cable. (Express Computers in Chilliwack, BC, gave me a new cable, just in case. Gotta love that kind of service!)

In short, look for the simplest solution. A philosophy for technology… and life.

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My best to you,

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